Friday, October 29, 2010


     I would like to make my first real post about an excellent RPG. It was made by Konami, famous for other series such as the Metal Gear series. It made it to the states in 1996, though I don't remember when I got to play it first. My uncle had bought it, not knowing much about it. One thing that I always thought was strange was the fact that it came in a double case, despite being a very short game spanning only one disk.


     Suikoden plays just like any traditional turn based RPG, but what really made the game special was the amount of characters in the game. 108. Yep. You can recruit 108 characters, and the majority are able to come with you in battle. Other just play a "helper" role in your castle. Yeah, you get to own a castle.Some characters are very dynamic, and change as the plot advances, while others are very forgettable. You might even forget that you recruited some of them!


     The plot is fairly generic by today's standards. You are the son of a general, and after seeing the atrocities committed by the empire, you decide to join the rebellion movement. You build an army and overthrow the empire.

    The game is arguably my favorite RPG, though Chrono Trigger and Paper Mario are darn close. But those are for another day.

     The game is fairly uncommon, often fetching prices well above 50 dollars on ebay. Though it's not a rare as it's successor, Suikoden II, which will command a price over 100 dollars. I highly recommend this game, try to find it at a flea market or such, if you don't want to drop that much money on an old Playstation game.


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